iJADE Conference 2014

iJADE Conference 2014
Collaborative practices in Arts Education

Tate Liverpool, Liverpool
24-25 October 2014

Keynote = Jan Jagodzinki

We have been fortunate to be invited to speak at the 2014 iJADE conference on collaborative practices in Arts Education.

Despite the prevailing dogmas of individualism and competition, collaboration, partnerships and collective activity have continued to thrive in arts practices. This year's iJADE conference will focus on collaboration in arts education, and invites papers that investigate this theme.

Collaboration strands...
changes in the way that we think about collaboration; the ethics of collaboration; young people as researchers/artists within collaborative practices; collaborative funding; international creative partnerships; scholl partnerships through the arts; the relationship and/or tensions between collaborative and autonomous practices; gender and/or ethnicity in collaborative practices; communities of practice; theories of collaboration; the politics of collaboration; collaboration through adversity; agency and identity dynamics within collaborative practices; inter- disciplinarity; collaborative curricula; partnerships in teacher education; pedagogical collaboration; collaborative generation of knowledge; co-creation.

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